Brilliant Examples of CSS3 Animations

Brilliant Examples of CSS3 Animations

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CSS3 Animation demonstration

CSS3 Animation demonstration

Have you ever wondered about the use of CSS3 for creating videos? But in common it is possible too (using the animation features in CSS3). CSS3 is not fully mastered, many things may seem surprising for the average user. The only unpleasant moment, CSS3 is still not supported by most Web browsers at the moment. But do not worry, it’s a matter of time, and hopefully very soon, most browsers will support it. Well, Naomi Atkinson, Andy Clarke, Dan Rubin and Mircea Piturca prepared website to the international community, demonstrating the power of animation in CSS.

On this site you already can view the video shows the possibilities of this project.

coming possibilities of css3 animation

At the moment the project is still under development, but from the video, we see that the interface is quite complex and resembles the interface of video editor. But it seems that the animation will be very interesting and simple (as they promising from video) process.

At current moment Madmanimation demo working only at Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari) on any platform or device — including Android, BlackBerry, iOS and WebOS. Other browsers possible not will display it.

Madmanimation demo in Chrome

If you are not a happy owner of the ones listed above you will see only the following

Madmanimation demo in Firefox

Madmanimation demo using Media Queries, so, it shoult ajust screen appearance due resizing sizes of browser :)


Well, let’s hope that everything will fine in this team, and soon all browsers will support CSS3 in full. Good luck !



  1. this looks so cool. its like a mini flash interface but for css3.
    one issue: is there a fall back for browsers not supporting css3?
    and when can people start to play with it?

    in any case looks like great job

    • 2ron
      Yes, demonstration is great. For another not supported browsers here are just small screenshotes.

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