10 Useful Applications For iPhone Developers

10 Useful Applications For iPhone Developers

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10 apps for iPhone developers

10 Useful Applications For iPhone Developers

Today I decide to prepare good collection of very useful applications for iPhone developers. Here are ten most important tools (or resources) which you can (even should) use for iPhone development.

1. iOS Dev Center

Firstly, of course – documentation center. Here are present all necessary documentation: articles, guides, samples, reference, forum etc. SDK 4 available too.
iOS Dev Center

2. FTP On The Go

How to work? Of course, we will need to have any FTP software to us. ‘FTP On The Go’ allow us use FTP to manage with your project (work with files, folders, permissions). Also this have built in text editor, so I sure that it will become most important first application to you.
FTP On The Go

3. jQuery reference

As for me – this is most useful book (last year – often working with jQuery). So having such book – very useful. Between, this is not single similar book, same author already made next books: PHP Cheat Sheet, HTML Cheat Sheet, CSS Cheat Sheet, RegEx Cheat Sheet and MySQL Cheat Sheet. Commonly, this is possible to find another similar references (I already located another jQuery reference manual), but it was a little more expensive.
FTP On The Go

4. iPhone Remote Debug Console

Meant to give greater visibility and interactivity on your iPhone/iPod Touch while doing development. I grew frustrated having to go through the “include console.log statement then reload” method of debugging. I wanted something similar to Firebug’s fantastic console and debugger.
iPhone Remote Debug Console

5. Source Viewer

This app will help you to edit/view html and css documents. This also have syntax highlight and other functional.
Source Viewer

6. TouchTerm SSH

This app is usual SSH client for iPhone. If you have own projects or customers – you should have this application too.
TouchTerm SSH

7. ColorSearch

This app let you find exact color which you are looking for. Simple interface that lets you toggle the amount of red, green, and blue, and then tells you the RGB color in both decimal and hexadecimal.

8. iMy

This application is a full MySQL client for the iPhones. It features the ability to generate and execute complex queries without ever using the keyboard.

9. Analytics App

This application will open access to your Google Analytics of your projects.
Analytics App

10. Textastic – Syntax Highlighting, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox

Possible this is best text editor available for now. Highlights more than 80 different types of files while you’re typing; HTML, XML, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, Tex, shell scripts, and many more. Also it able to connect to FTP and SFTP servers. Also, this is very fast editor (written on objective-C language).
Textastic – Syntax Highlighting, FTP, SFTP


Hope that our review of necessary applications for every new (and not) developer who going to write something for iPhone was very interesting. Good luck!



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