Top 10 Really User Friendly Captchas (version 2)

Top 10 Really User Friendly Captchas (version 2)

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Top 10 Captchas

Top 10 Really User Friendly Captchas (version 2)
As all we know, Captcha is some test, which help us (to our website) to ensure that answer was not generated by computer. Today I prepared collection of friendly, good looking captcha`s which you will like to implement at your own websites.

1. QapTcha

QapTcha – draggable jQuery captcha system. As the user – we will only need to move the slider (well, almost iPhone) to confirm that we are human.

2. buttonCaptcha

It is more difficult – we will need to make from proposed letters – keyword to unlock captcha (jQuery too).

3. Fancy Draggable Captcha

Another one sample, where we should solve some puzzle to unlock captcha. Documentation itself here.
Fancy Draggable

4. Ajax Fancy Captcha

Another one fancy :) Here we need to drag asked object (picture) to drop circle (jQuery too).
Ajax Fancy

5. Sexy Captcha

This one like puzzle for kids – where we need to guess the sketch and drag the figure.
Sexy Captcha

6. simpleCaptcha

Another one – toy captcha – we need to guess where to click by text question.

7. slideLock

Here need move the slider again. A little ugly, but, commonly – all customizable.

8. Captcha PHP

This solution offer us animated captcha
Captcha PHP

9. NuCaptcha

In that flash video form with some image in the background we can see some text; you should enter the text that is in the red color.

10. identiPIC

Our task – to identify pictures by images.


I hope that today’s set was interesting. Sure that this will useful for your own projects. Do not forget to say thank you :) Good luck!



  1. I really enjoy the first one.

    move the slider […] to confirm that we are human.

    I’m gonna read it more carefully .
    Thanks !!

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