Stunning Folded & Pop-Up Business Card Design Examples

Stunning Folded & Pop-Up Business Card Design Examples

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Business Card Design

In today’s competitive world, everyone desires to have a respectful position in the market to become the topmost business owner. In order to fulfill this need, having a well-designed business card is of utmost importance. If you wish to make your business stand out of the rest, then it is vital for you to have an eye-grabbing business cards.

They play a major role in fulfilling the goals of the company and give a brief introduction about the business and its work culture. Conveying about the business, these business cards are able to grab the attention of huge masses and leave a long-lasting brand image. Thus, considering them as a time-savor and the perfect medium of introducing the company would not be wrong.

Business cards enhanced with prolific and captivating designs are highly beneficial for any business. Thus, it would be advisable to get the cards designed from highly trained professionals who have immense knowledge about the industry standards and have already worked for various brand organizations. Mostly, we get to see plain rectangular shaped business cards in the market that showcase the main motive of the business. But now, many businesses are opting for pop-up and folded cards as they have the ability to showcase the sparking discussion and conversation efficiently.

Seeing the growing importance of the business cards these days, we have listed some of the most astonishing examples integrated with cutting edge designs that may help you understand what sorts of design can be made.

Examples of Folded Business Cards

1) Kunetech:

Kunetech business card is a well-designed card that comes with spellbound representation. Once opened, it appears itself in account of a laptop. Designed with a great foldable look, this card leaves a long-lasting and memorable image in the visitor’s mind.

2) Federico Alvarez:

Another awesome illustration of folding card is the Dr. Federico Alvarez’s business card that clearly shows the overall view of what a business does. Specifically designed for dentists, this business card assures to leave a lasting impression on the customers.

3) HungryArchitect:

These days, double folded cards have become really common. But, there are some businessmen who are searching for triple folded business cards. One such example is HungryArchitect. Designed and crafted perfectly, this card meets the exact needs of the business and is considered as the ultimate option for the conversation.

4) Apple iMac Business Card:

Apple iMac Business Card is the perfectly crafted business card that reflects 3D objects and can be folded without any hassle. Designed exceptionally, this captivating card is sure to appeal the customers to have a look at least once.

5) Kumthekar Furniture:

Another eye-grabbing example of folded business card is the Kumthekar Furniture that displays the swinging effect very clearly once folded. There is no half folding but foldable mid portion takes the shape of furniture.

6) Easel business card:

Unique in the concept, this folded Easel business card recreates the effects seen in the transformers movies. They can easily make an interesting and appealing introduction for your business.

7) Nation Builder:

At the time of being unfolded, this Nation Builder business card unleash an amazing 3D picture of revolutionary city landscape. This business card is the perfect illustration for the government enterprises and city building planners.

8) Bolt Barbers:

Bolt Barbers business card design comes with completely distinct look from front and back designed cleverly using the hair of monkey.

9) Andrew Murray Roofing:

Andrew Murray Roofing business card is designed in such a way that it defines the business concept of roofing in an exceptional way. In short, it showcases exactly what the company serves.

10) Denia Salu Tennis Academy:

This card gives a very simple look when folded. But, once the card is opened, it is created in such a way that it becomes a tennis court. Specifically designed for meeting the purpose of the academy, this business card unleashes the details about the business.

Examples of Pop-up Cards

1. Intersection:

Inspired by the pop-up style, Intersection business card is designed in a way that shows the car and when folded can give a real shape of car. Ideal for the car industry, this card enables them to effectively do their promotion.

2. Bentply:

Bentply generally refers to the art of designing furniture with the usage of plywood and the business card reveals this in a totally exceptional way. Bentply business card is the perfect example of pop-up business card that attracts huge customer base.

3. Francesco Ferrigno:

Making use of the cardboard with pop-up, Francesco Ferrigno business card was created by getting some of the awesome ideas from pop-up greeting cards.

4. Tasty Little Creations:

This promotional pop-up self mailer card comes with the sticker seal that has the business address and phone number of the owner so that the mailer also acts as a business card.

5. Cardnetics Small Iris Business Cards:

These cards are designed like a camera that has an iris in the middle that opens and closes while moving the lever on the top of the card.

6. Krakatua Greeting Card:

Krakatua business card is a greeting card cum business card that is rolled into a single card uniquely and grabs the audience’s attention. Moving with such an exceptional approach can be highly beneficial for those who deal with creative things in the market.

7. Metal Pop Up Card:

This card is the perfect example of how uniquely metals can be used in designing business card that not only seems fashionable but also gives a classy look.


In today’s business world, competition is fierce and thus having a well-designed business card can be the perfect way to ensure that your services are awesome. The above-mentioned card designs are highly popular for both pop-up and folded business cards that have been created uniquely. If you have any business card design that is the exceptional combination of professional as well as creative design, then feel free to share with us.

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