Best Material Design Frameworks for Modern UX/UI Web Design

Best Material Design Frameworks for Modern UX/UI Web Design

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Material Design Frameworks

There are many web development companies which have been using exclusive material design frameworks for their UX or UI web designing and mobile apps development projects. As material design frameworks are open sources providing pre designed frames and UI components that help in developing customized mobile and web applications.

The concept of material design framework was launched by Google in 2014. It was firstly used for improving designs of Android apps, web apps, Chrome OS, iOS apps, etc. The framework helped a lot in creating user-friendly interfaces for the applications that enable users to understand and use them easily.

Many of the modern material design frameworks offer useful interfaces and other components such as icons, buttons, check boxes, colors, fonts, etc. These elements enable developing highly creative and easy to use applications for all web and mobile based application projects. Moreover, the frameworks provide flexibility to make necessary changes in the apps and enhance their user-friendly approach for client. However, the material design frameworks have modernized the way of application designing work and suggested right avenues to developers to complete their web and mobile apps projects successfully. Let’s explore few highly demanded Material design frameworks which are frequently used by developers in their projects such as:

Material UI

This is a CSS framework includes a gamut of useful UI components that utilize material designs of Google. It’s the collection of many user-friendly elements such as switches, dialog boxes, toolbars, dropdown menus, check boxes, etc. You can use these interfaces in your applications and can make them easy to use for the client.

Ionic Material

This is an advanced framework that is widely used for developing hybrid applications in HTML5. The developers working on ionic framework can use this material design for creating a user-friendly apps for the client’s web based project.


This is a completely responsive framework based on the Google’s material design guidelines. This framework offers a collection of CSS components such as grid, table, color, shadow, etc. Moreover, it also uses Java Script components like dropdown, dialogs, parallax, tabs, transition, etc.


It is a modern design CSS based material design framework following Google’s norms. This framework offers varied useful components to add in apps such as buttons, images, dropdowns, icons, grid, colors and many more.

Angular Material

Using this material design framework will help you make the UI components reusable and easy to be accessible from the gallery. In this framework, all material design elements are available as angular directives and services that can be customized as per requirement.


MUI is a free open source framework and is still under the development. It allows you to customize the design of app by changing its color, font, breakpoint, etc.

Bootstrap Material Design

This is a quality framework based on themes and provides 740 useful material design icons that can be utilized for the web and mobile app development projects. You can also find these icons in the Google Material Design gallery.

Lum X

This is another useful material design framework for Angular fans. It is a completely responsive framework developed using core jQuery and gives better performance in the web based application projects.


This framework is based on the web components that can also be customized as per requirement. Polymer gives better support to all modern-edge browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. This framework will benefit you to use web components in a customized way and are accessible through all browsers.


It’s a customized theme that implements material design using Bootstrap, icons and fonts from Google. This framework enables to develop tailored material design themes that are ready to use and can be modified as per requirement.


To develop user-friendly and creative web and mobile applications, you can use the best suited UI or UX material design frameworks proposed by the Google. These frameworks offer many useful components to implement in the apps and create highly effective applications for the client.

Author Bio: Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as a web developer at Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to HTML Conversion Company. From time to time, he loves to share his experience and findings with a broader audience.



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