Our new product – Promoter

Our new product – Promoter

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Our new product – Promoter

Our new article is not quite a tutorial, but more a review and demonstration of our new product. Recently we’ve finished our first product. It is called – ‘Promoter’. This is a complex solution for you. It is made to promote your resource (your page or website) through social networks and email. You can send an invitation to your website to your friends (and other contacts) using your email addresses, also, you can invite your friends from social networks. So you can be sure that your invitation has been sent to maximum number of people. You can invite people from various email providers and social networks like: Facebook, Google (and G+), Yahoo, Mail.ru, Ya.ru, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and Livejournal. How it works? – Easy. It doesn’t use any hidden methods like parsing of DOM pages (as you probably know this method is pretty unstable), instead of this we use APIs. It means that we use API of every provider in order to get your contacts (so this solution will be most stable). Built entirely on the latest technology with jQuery Mobile framework – it brings the power of HTML5 and CSS3 into your life.

Intro page
Online Demo

Main features

  • This is 100% stand alone script (PHP + MySQL), it means that you can use it at any your website.
  • Easy and intuitive interface of front-end and back end.
  • You can invite your friends from different social networks.
  • You can get a list of your contacts (if it is possible by selected provider).
  • You can filter your contacts at the second step (by address, gender or by name). So your invitation can be targeted.
  • It sends out emails by Cron. It should unload your server.
  • Personalized letters (means that each letter contains the name of the recipient).
  • In the admin panel you can predefine main sharing settings (Your name, email, promoted page url, your image, title and description).

Look how it works

Powerful and intuitive admin panel

Promoter admin panel

How to buy

If you are ready to go further with ‘Promoter’, or if you have any questions about our solution – contact us. We are ready to answer your questions and get you the information you need to make your purchasing decision. And even more, we can offer you a special (but temporary) promotional offer: free installation.



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