CSS3 games collection

CSS3 games collection

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CSS3 games collection

Hello our readers. Have you even thought about creating own web games? I’m sure that most of you have already heard about newest technologies like html5, canvas, webgl, node.js. But I think, that before you start working with these new technologies – you should start developing games with the simplest DOM-based games (using pure HTML+CSS+Javascript). I would like to provide you a collection of such games. So you will be able to investigate and try them. Some of them even work without any javascript! Welcome to test them.

1. Whack-a-Rat – CSS only game

Whack-a-Rat - CSS only game

2. SURVIVOR (1982 Commodore 64 game remake)


3. Sumon


4. 3D – CSS puzzle

3D - CSS puzzle

5. Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt

6. Dino Pairs Game

Dino Pairs Game

7. Cops and Robbers – CSS puzzle

Cops and Robbers - CSS puzzle

8. Cascading Cube Racer

Cascading Cube Racer

9. CSS maze puzzle

CSS maze puzzle

10. One-Of-A-Kind CSS/JS-Based Game Portfolio


Plus, you can find tutorial about making this portfolio here

11. Anigma


12. Ninja Jarimaru

Ninja Jarimaru


I hope that our new collection of CSS3 games was interesting for you. Good luck!



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