Top 10 iPhone apps for working with graphics

Top 10 iPhone apps for working with graphics

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Top 10 iPhone apps for working with graphics

Today I decide to prepare good collection of iPhone applications for you. These applications will useful for every painter (artist) or designer. You can use these applications to draw, edit different ready images, apply different effects etc.

1. Doodle Buddy

Allow you to use even your finger to draw! Select your fav colors, make playful stamps easy. And, share result with friends over internet.
Doodle Buddy

2. Picture Effect Magic

Allow you to apply different multiple filters to your photos.
Picture Effect Magic

3. MyPaint

Giving us possibility to draw using different brushes, filters, layers.

4. Adobe Ideas

This app allow us to use < 10 layers to draw, scale, rotate etc.
Adobe Ideas

5. Fountain Pen

Another one paint app.
Fountain Pen

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe photoshop (express edition) from Adobe inc. Hope that anyone know what is photoshop :)
Adobe Photoshop Express

7. CamWow

This application will allow you apply different effects even before making photo (live).

8. Dash of Color

Allow you give an extra boost of color to any photo that could benefit from that “something extra”.
Dash of Color

9. Fotolr Photo Studio

Powerful application for photo handling: effects, makeover, frames, scenes, drawing and more.
Fotolr Photo Studio

10. ArtStudio

Another one great application – draw, paint and edit photos.



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