10 Tips for Creating Amazing Infographics: A Step by Step Guide

10 Tips for Creating Amazing Infographics: A Step by Step Guide

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10 Tips for Creating Amazing Infographics: A Step by Step Guide
10 Tips for Creating Amazing Infographics: A Step by Step Guide

10 Tips for Creating Amazing Infographics: A Step by Step Guide

Infographics have been around for a very long time. However, they have recently gained in popularity because of the vast amount of information on the internet. Infographics help readers make sense of all the information that would otherwise be hard to quickly read and understand. At the same time, infographics act as an outlet for businesses to easily communicate information in a form that is easy to digest. Since infographics are so popular now, it seems that everyone is producing them and you can find them anywhere from web pages, to presentations, to corporate reports. The key is to make sure that you develop an infographic that makes sense and does the job of catching attention and presenting the information in a concise and informative way.

Here are 10 tips on how to ensure that your infographic gets your message across:

  1. Include a combination of text and pictures. The human mind is made to process information visually. The combination of text and pictures increases memory retention.
  2. Use infographics to present data or tell a story in a visual way.
    combination of text and pictures
  3. If you use pie charts, make sure they always add up to 100%. This is a common error in charting infographics because the survey respondents could have checked multiple boxes for the same question. If this is a case, use a different charting method instead of a pie chart.
    pie charts
  4. Follow the 5 Second Rule. Make sure that your main point can be visualized in the infographic in 5 seconds or less. The infographic you design should be focused and to the point you are trying to present.
    easy to understand
  5. Infographics can tell your readers how something works, or illustrate how something is put together. Infographics that are visual can explain otherwise complicated information that would be hard to understand in text alone.
  6. An infographic should be relevant to your company in order to help gain traffic or social activity for your brand.
  7. Infographics can help you sell your product, or even upsell related products. For example, an infographic showing what wines pair well with the dishes your restaurant serves is a quick and easy way to show customers what wines you suggest they should buy.
  8. Design your infographics to be visually appealing, artistic even.
    artistic view
  9. Be transparent with your data and always credit data sources. This will make your infographic more credible.
  10. Make sure that your infographic is shareable on social media. (If you want it to be shared.) The viral aspect of infographics is one of the other reasons that they are so popular today. Copyright notices and creative commons information should be listed with or readily available with your infographic to prevent unwanted sharing or sharing without credit.

The important thing to remember is to remain focused on the goal or reason behind creating the infographic in the first place. Whether you want to illicit sales in your store or website, get social shares in a viral infographic, or just disseminate internal reports, measure the results of your infographic to make sure that it is accomplishing the goal you set out for it. Once you get the recipe for the winning formula of an infographic for your company, you will be able to continually create new ones and perfect the art of infographics.

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