Win 3 lifetime licenses at SimpleMaps

Win 3 lifetime licenses at SimpleMaps

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Win 3 lifetime licenses at SimpleMaps is willing to give you three lifetime licenses ($79 to $199)for any individual HTML5 maps. If you use maps in your projects – it is a great gift for you. You can customize maps by editing a simple text file. No knowledge of HTML5, Flash, or JavaScript is required. Step-by-step documentation makes installation painless. Moreover, it is mobile compatible: HTML5 maps look magnificent on iPhones, Android devices, iPads and other tablets. The maps automatically detect mobile devices and adjust navigation to be touch friendly.

About SimpleMaps

SimpleMaps develops and supports interactive HTML5/JavaScript maps for websites. Their World and USA maps are their most popular products. These maps are great for improving website navigation or visualizing geographic data. SimpleMaps can be easily customized in minutes using an intuitive spreadsheet-based online tool. The maps are very flexible and can be extended by using their JavaScript API. SimpleMaps look beautiful on mobile devices and degrade gracefully to support legacy browsers like IE7 and IE8.

Examples of use

SimpleMaps example 1

Visualize Country Statistics

Our maps are an ideal way to visualize global data. For example, suppose you’d like to visualize your company’s country-level sales. Our online customization tool will allow you to transform an Excel file into an interactive heat or intensity map in a matter of minutes. No technical knowledge required. To learn how to create a map like the example above, check out our heat map tutorial.

SimpleMaps example 2

HTML and Pictures to the Popup Descriptions

Our map’s pop-up descriptions accept HTML and can be styled using CSS. This makes the map very flexible. You can display pictures of your sales reps when the user hovers over a region. Or, you can make a list for each country. Start by customizing a blank map, or customize this template.

SimpleMaps example 3

Display Office or Store Locations

Our maps makes it easy to let your users find the store or office location that is closest to them. When users click on their state or city they can be redirected to the appropriate page on your website. It is easy to customize the colors and descriptions in the map using our online editor. Start with a blank map, or customize this template.

Enter To Win

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  1. Visit, choose the map you’d like to win and comment below this post explaining how you would use it on your website. Please use your valid name and email address in your comment.
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Winners will be announced in 15 days from now (October 30, 2013).



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    I would like to win the HTML5 World Interactive Map. This is exactly what i am looking for. An interactive world map to display world tourism statistics.

    Great giveaway, thanks.

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    I’d love to implement this application to my website. hopefully I win. always do your best. : D

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    I want to use it on my personal website.

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  5. HTML5 World Interactive Map,because i’m thinking of opening website with intresting and funny world’s statistics and such a map would be awesome…

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