How to create Pinterest-like script – step 3



  1. Great Tutorial ! i tried the local code ; accepting users works but i can’t seem to be able to upload images. Is there a custom setting I missed? Thanks for your support.

    • Hi Sam,
      In fact, this is not so difficult, but it depends on your capabilities. Do you plan to work only with embed (youtube) videos, or you are going to upload and convert them? You just need to add this appropriate uploader.

  2. Hi Sam,
    You need to understand, that you can not upload videos (any files) directly into the database. Files can be uploaded only as files (to hosting), but not into the database. But you can keep the records in your database about all uploaded files.

  3. If I wanted to allow users to upload videos to my website that would be hosted on Youtube, how would I do this? I looked for an uploader but couldn’t find anything.

    • Hi Steve,
      It can mean two things – first, that you forgot to put your db credentials (or put it wrongly), second, it means a certain SQL error.

    • Hello,
      You can create a similar field (for the confirmation field) for the registration form (CMembers.php). And then, validate this field (if it has the same value as the ‘password’ field)

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