New Trends in Web Design – Summer 2013

New Trends in Web Design – Summer 2013

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New Trends in Web Design – Summer 2013

First at all, I would like to apologize for our delay with tutorials, the reason is that I had been on vacation from June 6 to 17 June. Only yesterday I came home. Today I have prepared a new hand-selected collection of new trends in web design for your imagination and inspiration. If you are looking for a fresh ideas how to enhance your website – this is the very place to browse. You are sure to find something new and interesting for you.

1. Made by Fibb

Made by Fibb

2. CREAM Real Estate

CREAM Real Estate



4. Kakau Design

Kakau Design

5. Super Sync Sports

Super Sync Sports

6. MoMA | Century of the Child

MoMA | Century of the Child

7. Find Your Way to Oz

Find Your Way to Oz

8. Escape Flight

Escape Flight

9. CO3, la science dans ton chez toi

CO3, la science dans ton chez toi

10. Under the Weather

Under the Weather


  1. Wow – all the designs are wonderful, but I would give the first place to number 9 and 8 – they are absolutely unique and beautifel!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with this whole simplistic style every web designer is going for. I guess it depends on the overall style. Right now it seems like every site does it and more often than not it’s TOO simple. I should ever have to search for a nav bar. It doesn’t need to be in my face but it should be pretty darn clear the moment I get there! Some of these look like it’s not easy to find. Same with websites that use just a picture and essentially hide links in certain areas. Make it clear for the user! I leave websites like that! SO frustrating. Thanks for posting though!

  3. Nice collection buddy all the design are just wow i like co3 and escape flight

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