It’s Time for WordPress Themes

It’s Time for WordPress Themes

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Do you remember when type-centric website design was only possible at a major-league level? It’s not until very recently that type kits became available for everyday WordPress users. This example shows just how fast times are changing. Another significant improvement was registered in the area of our dependence on web coding. Namely, it has all but disappeared, due to platforms and themes that come with clean code, shortcodes, and an inviting front office.

What’s Going to Happen in 2015

For starters, there’s no such thing as an unresponsive website. I don’t think anyone will make it their mission to launch websites that don’t adapt to every type of modern display. Secondly, large image backgrounds or video backgrounds are a rising trend. Therefore, new optimization techniques might begin to surface, dealing with fast image loading and responsive re-sizing.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to working with WP themes that aren’t divorced from reality. The perfect theme would have to be responsive all-around, have type kits, and give me plenty of options from the get go, together with space to be creative.

X Theme: Efficacy and Thoroughness

X Theme is already a popular product on ThemeForest, and many of my web design friends have come to know about it during the past few months. If you consult the comments made by clients, you’ll see that everyone is singing its praises. The major points of interest identified by users are superb design quality, versatility, customer support efficacy, and solid documentation.

When it first made a break on the market, X Theme also made a lot of noise because it introduced a set of complete designs named Stacks. To this day, four Stacks have been created: Integrity, Icon, Renew, and Ethos. For every website that you have to build, get a hold of the 30+ demos and create anything you have in mind: business websites, photography or magazine websites, flat or modern and minimalist-styled websites.

You should know that X Theme has an astounding variety of navigation and styling options, and a series of instructional videos that lead the way. Instead of going to and fro on an admin panel to see what your work looks like, a live preview feature allows you to cut corners and easily make a wonderful layout.

X Theme has 40 shortcodes at the ready, along with 600 Google Fonts in all weights and styles, so there is nothing you can’t achieve. What is more, a few third-party plugins are thrown in the mix, and some extensions have been developed by Themeco to give web designers a complete set of options in 2015.

Precious Extensions

How much does a premium WordPress plugin normally cost? $50 to $200-a-piece. On the other hand, X Theme offers loads of customized and optimized extensions without charging anything for them. The total value of these extensions is $1000, so you’d be making a great deal. Every verified user gets the chance to add functions like Facebook comments, Content Dock, White Label, Under Construction, and Soliloquy.

Stand-alone plugins for WordPress can’t hold a candle to these extensions, which have been specifically prepped by Themeco to boost your website performance, instead of dragging it down. You can see the entire list of available extensions on the company website, and more are supposed to be added soon. Every confirmed purchase of a single copy unlocks every existing and upcoming extension, as well as ensuring automatic lifetime updates.

Engage Your Users

I suppose that asking whether you have a Facebook account is a rhetorical question in 2015. This is the era of social networking after all, and we’ve come to share a big part of our lives on social media. So, when people appreciate the content of your website, they may wish to publicly Like it, or even better – talk about it.

Facebook comments is a simple extension that allows you to set up and manage a comment section where users offer their opinions and reply to each other. Every comment is displayed on Facebook as well, which has the potential to draw more visitors to your site.

Suggest Content and Marketing Offers

Is it time to present your website users with an irresistible offer? Then, you’re good to go with X Theme. The Content Dock extension is a great way to usher in offers on your page, when your users are most receptive. No one likes loud, suffocating offers, so you have the opportunity to make sure they’re appealing, using shortcodes from X Theme.

On top of that, for usability reasons, the Content Dock only shows up on displays of 767px or higher. You wouldn’t want your offer to obscure the primary content over mobile devices, and make your users desperately search for the closing button.

Your Brand, Everywhere

You don’t have to go to great lengths to make your projects and your customer interaction more personal. Themeco devised a special White Label extension whereby you can upload a custom image of your logo and replace the one from WP on your log-in screen.

Then, you can move on the the add-on home and have fun customizing all sorts of messages for your clients. Whether you’re sharing your contact information, giving a word of advice, or giving thanks at the end of a project, your brand will follow you everywhere.

Time-Out for Maintenance

Whenever you have to make some changes to your web page, your visitors are usually left staring at a blank page. Don’t leave your public empty-handed, or they may never come back to you again. X Theme gives you a superb extension to configure Under construction pages.

You might wish to extend apologies, or joke around. Either way, this tool will help you deliver your notice, and customize text colors. Furthermore, you will find it child’s play to insert a background image, a countdown timer, and links to social profiles.

Photo Slides

Hungry for simple, expressive slideshows? X Theme gives you two ways to create content slides: Revolutions Slider and Soliloquy. The latter is much more lightweight, so you might wish to consider using it for striking up simple photo slides in a jiffy.

This slider is enhanced with the hybrid technology of dynamic asynchronous ajax pre-loading, guarantees the security of your data, and is cross-device responsive. If you want to take it a bit further, you can even use Soliloquy to add videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or Wista in your slides.

An Eye towards the Future

What do you think about this brand new approach to WordPress plugins? Does X Theme come closer than any other WP theme in giving you a full-option solution for your client projects? The WP theme revolution is not going to stop here. Themeco plans to add more extensions to the lot, and also keeps a direct communication line with its huge member community, to dig out what other features designers may need – and go back in the lab to make them available. In other words, we have much to look forward to from Themeco in 2015.



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