Infographic: Website Design Basics and Trends

Infographic: Website Design Basics and Trends

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Infographic: Website Design Basics and Trends

When it comes to website design, we have come a long way in a relatively short space of time. Which is just as well, when you consider the blinking text and animated gifs that seemed to be the preferred option for trendsetting webmaster of that era. We have all evolved when it comes to how we use the internet and web designers have definitely tried their best to adapt to changing trends and preferences. The current focus and emphasis from a design perspective, is minimalism and readability combined with ease of use as a top priority.

This infographic takes a look at current web design trends and runs through a list of what design features are now heavily used in order to give visitors to a website, engaged and able to navigate with as much ease as possible.

Responsive design is probably the biggest innovation and is a critical design feature when you consider how many people now visit websites using a cell phone or table. The default browsing tool is no longer a PC and responsive design allows a website to automatically adjust the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

There are many positives connected with this design feature, but responsive design is not without its issues, which can affect things like page load times, but the pros outweigh the cons as far as many web designers are concerned.

It is also predicted that we will see more scrolling features such as parallax scrolling. This allows the background of a website to operate at a different speed to the rest of the page, which allows the opportunity for some impressive animation tricks to be performed.

Web designers have worked hard to make our current browsing experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible, but which trends will become the go-to options and which will fade away like some of the ideas before them?

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