Infographic: Useful Frameworks

Infographic: Useful Frameworks

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Useful Frameworks

Infographic: Useful Frameworks

Today’s collection of infographic will be equally useful for beginners web developers and advanced developers. The fact is that I have prepared an overview of existing frameworks: Mobile frameworks, UI frameworks, MVC frameworks, WebGL frameworks, Application frameworks and WYSIWYG editors. This overview shows the resulting popularity of all the above frameworks. This information will be useful to you in search of alternative means which may help you to develop (or enhance existing) web applications.

I decided to compile this collection for you because, recently, I was looking for similar information. I wanted to find alternative libraries for working with WebGL (in addition to the well-known three.js). I also want to announce that we’re going to start (or rather continue) a new serie of articles devoted to the development of applications in WebGL (including using various frameworks). But today – enjoy our overview.

Bigger version of Mobile Frameworks

Original source: Mobile Frameworks

Bigger version of UI Frameworks

Original source: UI Frameworks

Bigger version of MVC Frameworks

Original source: MVC Frameworks

Bigger version of WYSIWYG Editors

Original source: WYSIWYG Editors

Bigger version of WebGL

Original source: WebGL

Bigger version of Application Frameworks

Original source: Application Frameworks



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