Infographic: The Evolution of Languages

Infographic: The Evolution of Languages

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Infographic: The Evolution of Languages

Information Graphics (known as infographics) are a best way to transfer new information into a reader’s mind. Nowadays many people don’t have enough time to read a lot of text on multiple screens. Infographics makes the information intuitive and understandable. That’s why we would like to share the best relevant infographics from all over the web. Today I found a first one related infographic on the evolution of programming languages. It covers most of languages, and I sure it will very interesting for you.

The Evolution of Languages

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Original source: Evolution of Computer Languages



  1. Do you consider macros inside spreadsheets as a computer language?

    Where do you draw the line between macros with underlying scripts and languages?

    • Hello Dan,
      In my opinion, macros is some code inside some another program. Macros can’t live outside that program. In case of languages .. they can live as is. As example – JS file or CPP (C++) file. They can live as separated file, and after, can be compiled if need (to produce some result), what about you?

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