Infographic: Fonts and Psychology in Typography

Infographic: Fonts and Psychology in Typography

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Fonts and Psychology in Typography

Fonts and typography. Today we picked up a new collection of infographics that will be useful for all web designers – this is a review of typefaces, fonts and psychology in typography, as well as how the typography affects the conversion. During designing and web developing, we always have to take into account things like page layout and structure, color scheme and text boxes and, of course, the proper font. All this helps us to optimize the conversion, thus, we can get more visitors.

The psychology of fonts

Original source: The psychology of fonts

Typography And Font Deconstruction

Original source: Typography And Font Deconstruction

Fonts and Feelings Psychology in Typography

Original source: Fonts & Feelings Psychology in Typography

How Typography Affects Conversions

Original source: How Typography Affects Conversions


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