Infographic: Bootstrap framework

Infographic: Bootstrap framework

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Infographic: Bootstrap framework

About the Bootstrap framework we have repeatedly been told more than once. Launched back in 2010, it continues to flourish to this day. If you are planning a new website, you should definitely consider using this framework in the design. Because it greately helps you create a fully-responsive and modern site outline. Today, we prepared three infographics that describe this framework.

If you are not familiar with term ‘framework’, then continue reading. The framework is a set of tools and instruments for creating websites. It includes basic bricks of standardized code to start writing a website code. All these elements have intuitive names, so you will not have any difficulties in using them. After all, the main goal of any framework – is to save time and effort.

Bootstrap Hornbook

Original source: Bootstrap Hornbook

Powerful Bootstrap Frame Work

Original source: Powerful Bootstrap Frame Work

Bootstrap vs. Foundation

Original source: Bootstrap vs. Foundation


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