Sass made easy

Sass is a powerful language that extends CSS with features like nested rules, variables, mixins, math operations, and more, in a CSS-compatible syntax. Because of this, many of today's popular websites, applications, and frameworks are built using Sass.

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Getting Started with Sass

Before you can use Sass, you need to set it up on your project. If you want to just browse here, go ahead, but we recommend you go install Sass first. Go here if you want to learn how to get everything setup.

We will be learning how to keep your code "DRY" by defining variables and creating snippets of shareable code with mixins. We'll then use the extend functionality of Sass to extend styles onto other selectors, Speeding up Workflow with Sass and how to recognize and fix errors in our Sass. We'll also take a look at how Sass makes @media queries easy and efficient to work with. Finally, we'll cover how interpolation helps us create classes on the fly, and how to define if/else conditionals.