voice-balance property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The 'voice-balance' property controls the spatial distribution of audio output across a lateral sound stage: one extremity is on the left, the other extremity is on the right hand side, relative to the listener's position. Authors can specify intermediary steps between left and right extremities, to represent the audio separation along the resulting left-right axis.

Name: voice-balance
Value: <number> | left | center | right | leftwards | rightwards
Initial: center
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes
Percentages: N/A
Media: speech
Computed value: the specified value resolved to a <number> between '-100' and '100' (inclusive)


voice-balance: <number> | left | center | right | leftwards | rightwards;



A number between '-100' and '100' (inclusive). Values smaller than '-100' are clamped to '-100'. Values greater than '100' are clamped to '100'. The value '-100' represents the left side, and the value '100' represents the right side. The value '0' represents the center point whereby there is no discernible audio separation between left and right sides (in a stereo sound system, this corresponds to equal distribution of audio signals between left and right speakers).


Same as '-100'.


Same as '0'.


Same as '100'.


Moves the sound to the left, by subtracting 20 from the inherited 'voice-balance' value, and by clamping the resulting number to '-100'.


Moves the sound to the right, by adding 20 to the inherited 'voice-balance' value, and by clamping the resulting number to '100'.


.class {
    voice-balance: right;

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