Creating a Modern Looking Animated Login System in PHP


Design Patterns in PHP

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  1. You may not want to store sensitive information in cookies. I think you would be better off storing it in the session.

  2. I like what you’ve done here. My only suggestion would be to set focus to the nickname field, so that a user can instantly start typing.

  3. I need help.
    I dont know what to do with index.php file, where do I put it in. I tryed some different things but I keep gettin error.

    Please help.

  4. hello sir…i need one help…i wanna to login use my phone number…then the phone number is valid na password send to my email…after only i can access my home page…help me

  5. Hello: Where can I obtain the rest of scripts or code of the example? “registration.php”; “forgot.php”;
    Thanks a lot.-

  6. Two tips from a security guy: Don’t roll your own login system and don’t use any login system from tutorials! Using the PHP code from this tutorial will introduce a number of security vulnerabilities into your website. From personal experience, I’ve found that writing a login system that is secure is actually quite hard to do and is an advanced topic not suitable for beginning programmers. The tutorials here should stick to the design and then link to and use a hardened system like this one:

    I’ve been using that for a number of projects. The author knows what they are doing in terms of security, it is actively developed, and has a ton of features that I’m not even using.

    @gopi – the above system has two-factor authentication support, which seems to be what you are after. I’m not using it personally but it looks very simple to enable.

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