Creating Advance Level Login system with Logic captcha


Design Patterns in PHP

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  1. Thanks and i appreciate your effort, but the code doesn’t work. It says ; incorrect password and username ‘ please fix it. Thanks.

    • Hello SImon,
      Why? – Login process works find, I have just tested it. Please be more careful with register of letters, usernames starts with upper register, password – just ‘password’

  2. very nice work and great. I would like only to know how can i check registration with function. I have already draw my form, but i don;t see your funtion to check inside “index.php”. May i have please.
    Simon, all work great, please try to check you index.php where you see array for user and there is also formula to change password and ‘salt’ as you prefer.

    • Hello dragonflai,
      If you want to validate form at client side, you can add your own validation JS and add ‘onsubmit’ for this form, but if you want to add your validation at server side, please review my code in index.php, lines 52 and after

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