Best Resources For Creating and Prototyping Mobile Apps

Best Resources For Creating and Prototyping Mobile Apps

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Resources For Creating and Prototyping Mobile Apps

Professional web designers and web developers make it their business to create websites, web apps, and mobile apps for all types of clients. In this sense, they require the best tools that the present-day market has to offer. So, I thought it might prove useful to list out some of the most accomplished resources for prototyping and app creation, and the reasons why I like them. If you are interested in taking up a new perspective, then this article is for you.


This platform is the creation of IGenApps Inc. As you can gather from the brand name, Apper is destined to provide for web designers who would rather not mix programming with app building projects. Therefore, creative professionals are presented with an easy-breezy, do-it-yourself mobile app whereby they can make, share, and publish apps for their clients. Apper is essentially unique in letting users strike up mobile web apps that are very similar to native apps, without touching a line of code.

Apper is also coupled with a killer URL feature, which automatically adapts your app to have an optimum UI/UX, specific to the mobile device it runs on: iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, and Android. From a financial point of view, Apper is a real treat, as it only charges the fixed price of $4.99/month in order to host your app and keep it in tune with all the previously mentioned devices.

Siberian CMS

Siberian CMS would also make an excellent option if you’re interested in app building software. I noticed that it is different from other existing tools, in several ways. For instance, this is an open-source app creation tool that copies the same basic functionality of WordPress. You won’t believe how easy it is to assemble modules and customize you app, and you won’t have to waste your time on irksome technical tasks.

Even further, Siberian CMS does not fall in the category of online app creation platforms. As a matter of fact, you may install it on your own server, and seeing as you’re provided with all the source code, there aren’t any additional subscription fees to speak o. I saved the best for last: Siberian CMS comes in two commercial versions that help professionals launch own online app business.


InVision is another prototyping app that I absolutely have to mention at the top of my list, as I am one of its 400K users, and I know what you’re missing out on if you’re not working with this tool. Loads of web designers, UX researchers, and marketers rely on InVision to help them prototype freely – a.k.a without prejudicing the quality of your design. Examples of well-known brands who worked with this platform are Adobe, LinkedIn, and Evernote.

InVision is a free resource and it doesn’t require use of coding skills. The best way to realize what it offers is to imagine a design-infused prototyping tool. The particular attention to design results from InVision’s integration with Photoshop, Sketch, and other creative programs. Hence, users are able to make high-fidelity prototypes, test their user experience, and ultimately share them.

You could try using the next time you’re focused on prototyping a mobile app, and render it fully interactive. My prime reason for recommending this platform is that it comes with a series of lovely animations. In addition, is a code-free solution, and proposes a drag-and-drop user interface. Take your time to build the an interactive prototype however you like, and then distribute it to your clients in a short URL, or through the player app of iOS and Android.


AppMachine is a trustworthy companion each time you’re setting out to build native or web apps. I love the fact that users are not charged during the actual process, and only have to pay a minor price when they’re publishing their creations to stores. In addition, AppMachine gives you 35 pre-coded building blocks from the start, which serves to make your job all the more enjoyable and easy. Besides, you are free to import your own data, connect to web services, and use CustomJS to add features and code.


HotGloo earned a high place in my preferences, and it’s one of the most sophisticated wireframe UX prototyping solutions that I have ever seen. It won’t take long to get started, and the editor is more efficient than I can say. By all means, use the extended widget library and also add team members, to work together in building a highly responsive prototype for desktop, tablet and mobile. You will be able to save it in different versions, before sending a preview link to your clients.


Care to deliver a great presentation of your wireframe? Think of using PowerMockup, an affordable and revolutionary resource. PowerMockup is actually an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint, and is compatible with version 2007, 2010, and 2013. You can use it to make an explicit slideshow for your customers. Simply search and take your pick from the multitude of wireframe stencils and icons encased in the built-in library, or use normal PowerPoint shapes to make new stencils.

Telerik AppBuilder

Why not acquire AppBuilder as part of the Telerik platform? If you hurry up and claim the present offer, you’ll save 60% – which is definitely a bargain. Moreover, even if you buy AppBuilder individually, you can still tap into a fancy 33% discount into the annual subscription.


Gridset is another dear favorite of mine. It would make a fine choice for web designers who need to create either simple, or elaborated layout grids for the web. This a fast solution that enable users to customize a grid in a few minutes, not to mention manage, save and reuse the same grids later on.

Infinite Monkeys

You can always reach out to Infinite Monkeys in order to edit an existing app, or create a new one. In the latter situation, users don’t have to pay a single dime when publishing, and besides, apps made on this platform can reach over 5K different mobile devices.


FlairBuilder is a prototyping solution that cuts to the chase. I was impressed with its wealth of features, and with the undeniably smooth learning curve that helps save a lot of time. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming platform to build interactive wireframes for your mobile apps and websites.


What of MobileNation? This platform is really useful for designing, building, and finally publishing mobile apps of any type. You work over your web browser, and are able to preview your apps over iOS and Android devices before you choose to publish them on Google Play, AppStore, or on a mobile website.


We all know what it’s like to race against the clock. MockFlow is a precious ally, because it enables you to strike up a blueprint for an app or website in a split second. What is more, MockFlow users can do a terrific job without requiring an active internet connection.


The more clients ask you to make smartphone-ready apps for their growing businesses, the better. You can always enlist the help of Ohlalalaaps and provide excellent services to your clients, regardless of their specific area of expertise. It’s inexpensive, and it permits you to integrate your brand identity in your creations.


Solidify is one more solid option when it comes to prototyping and offers monthly subscriptions for as little as $19. Currently, a free trial is available for the duration of 30 days, and you should definitely give it a try. You will see how easy it is to build clickable prototypes, put them to the test in many ways, and for all devices.

I hope you liked my selection of elite prototyping and app creation tools. I’m positive that some of the resources mentioned here are more than capable of meeting your needs very well; for most readers, it’s simply a matter of taste. If you have any thoughts concerning the information encased in this article, then I’d love to hear you out: leave a comment.



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