A Very Useful Free Font Identifier

A Very Useful Free Font Identifier

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A Very Useful Free Font Identifier
A Very Useful Free Font Identifier

A Very Useful Free Font Identifier

Font identifier. I’m probably not the only one to ever want to know the name of a certain font so badly just from an image and helplessly try to find a clue on Google, font sites and the like. I’ve even tried to construct or modify my own. But things evolve very fast and one more excellent tool comes to save the day and make our lives even easier.

What I’m talking about is WhatFontIs.com, which doesn’t need any other introduction given its name. Like you probably already guessed, it can identify the name of a font from a certain given image. It has its own database, which counts more than 285,000 fonts. If no result is found, the match will be as close as possible.

The website is very easy to use and highly intuitive. The first thing that you need to do is click the browse button and upload your image (URLs can be introduced as well). Make sure the writing is horizontal and the contrast is high, otherwise it might not be recognized, so edit it, if necessary.


After specifying the type of contrast (background lighter or darker than the font), pressing “continue” will take you to the following screen, which shows the successfully identified letters. As stated in the help section, the letters should not be touching each other, because sometimes multiple characters can be identified as one, especially with handwriting type of fonts. Other times, parts of letters can pass for characters, but only in the case of sophisticated and uncommon fonts. It is best to leave the box blank for these.


After clicking “continue”, the results screen will display a list of fonts in descending order from the most similar. Here you can choose from the wide variety of fonts as well as filter the premium from the free ones.

While the service is free to use, it has a premium section too. This is priced at $9.99 for a year, and provides an unlimited number of identifications. It also removes the advertising and allows source selection for commercial fonts.


In my opinion, WhatFontis is that type of service that everybody needs, but can’t quite name it, and when it comes out it seems revolutionary, like the app that recognize songs just by playing the tune or the odor detection software. Things we all thought about, but couldn’t put it from the tip of our tongue into our computer chips.

You can see it yourself here.



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