12 Beautifully Creative Flash Websites of 2011

12 Beautifully Creative Flash Websites of 2011

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12 most creative Flash websites 2011

Today I did a brief review of the most creative and new websites made ??in Flash. We have compiled this collection of his own hands. I hope you will be interested to see what people are doing on the new flush.

1. Infinite OZ | Tin Man

This site allows us to visit the open spaces of Tin Man (TV miniseries). The transition between locations made ??in the form of an endless loop.
Infinite OZ | Tin Man

2. Monoface

On this site you can compose Face (perhaps even your own). The total number of possible combinations of more than 700 000.

3. AgencyNet 2.0

The entire site is designed as an interactive home. Categories of site – rooms. You can feel that you are introduced to the command of the design studio.
AgencyNet 2.0

4. Corny

Great site, in a country style (the birds are singing, happy country music). Allows us to walk the vast expanses of this site, in the literal sense of the word.

5. InsidePiet

Very energetic music website.

6. 2Advanced Studios

2Advanced Studios is a digital creative agency that designs, animates, codes, and delivers immersive solutions.
2Advanced Studios

7. We Choose the Moon: Man Walks on Moon

This is an interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. Once where only three men made the trip, now millions can.
We Choose the Moon

8. Babybel

On this site we will not only be able to see the products of this company, but also to take part in the preparation of cheese.

9. Louis Vuitton – An Encounter With Greatness

For all fans of Louis Vuitton. This is lind of video website on Flash.
Louis Vuitton - An Encounter With Greatness

10. Harajuku Lovers

This is another place where you can build yourself (but with own unique design).
Harajuku Lovers

11. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

I sure that you already saw this cartoon, isn`t it? :-) This website – for all fans!
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

12. Pritt – Knutselwereld

Another one website (not in english) where we can see virtual world with own unique design.
Pritt - Knutselwereld


Hope that our new collection of creative Flash websites was really interesting for you. Good luck!



  1. A clear demonstrations about an evergreen beauty of Flash. Whoever says Flash is dead sounds so tragically insane for me, the possibilities such an amazing instrument still offers to creatives are still there to be disclosed and countless, specially in motion design and audio/video. Adobe can even kill it to follow the trends but personally, even if trying to deal with the ‘HTML5+CSS3+jQueries’ thing, I’ll keep Flash as the definitive resource and tool of beauty. Too easy killing whatever we are unable to deal with. I seriously hope in further improvements and fully extended compatibilities. We shouldn’t ever be afraid or tired of learning, learning makes us ageless.

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