11 Hot Fall jQuery plugins (October 2012)

11 Hot Fall jQuery plugins (October 2012)

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11 Hot Fall jQuery plugins

11 Hot Fall jQuery plugins (October 2012)

Today we would like to share our new hand made collection of the most impressive jQuery plugins. There are plugins which help you to build a nice presentation, to re-order different block elements over page, to display various social media feeds, to build a photo gallery, to build a nice context menu and so on, welcome to test these plugins.

1. impress.js

It’s a presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions in modern browsers.

2. Floater

This plugin let you organize impressive re-ordering of blocks (or images). Every block can contain any html-markup.

3. PFold

PFold is a very experimental jQuery plugin that makes it possible to open elements in a paper-like unfolding effect. An element can be unfolded in 3D in order to reveal some other content.

4. Socialist

Socialist is a social feed plugin that combines multiple social media feeds in one place. Use it to combine content and create a social wall from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Craiglist RSS and other social networks.

5. Fresco

Fresco is a beautiful responsive lightbox. It can be used to create stunning overlays that work great at any screen size, in all browsers on every device.

6. Allofthelights.js

Allofthelights.js is a jQuery plugin that allows to switch off the light, for your videos to stand out. Give it a try by clicking the switch next to the video. Bear in mind this is a first version.

7. dynamoCanvas

dynamoCanvas is a jQuery plugin designed to make it as simple as possible to utilize all of the features of the HTML5 canvas tag.

8. contextMenu

The plugin makes it easy to add right-click context menu functionality to any web application. A context menu can help make a web application feel even more like a native application.

9. uLED

The jQuery uLED is a jQuery plugin which can be used as a countdown, a clock or as a random numbers.

10. Adaptor, a jQuery 3D content slider

Adaptor is a light-weight content slider that aims to provide a simple interface for developers to create cool 2D or 3D slide animation transitions.

11. 3D CSS3 Book Generator

This plugin is our own lightweight generator of books.
3D CSS3 Book Generator



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