10 Useful Applications For iPad Developers

10 Useful Applications For iPad Developers

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Ten Useful Applications For iPad Developers

10 Useful Applications For iPad Developers

Today I decide to prepare another good collection of very useful applications, but for iPad developers. Here are ten most important tools (or resources) which you can (even should) use for iPad development.

1. iPad Dev Center

Firstly, of course – documentation center and SDK. This is first page which you can to visit to start working for iPads. Here are programming guide, sample codes and SDK4 too.
iPad Dev Center

2. FTP On The Go PRO

This is FTP client for iPads. You can use your touchscreen to work with this application. You can browse, upload, download and edit sources of your projects.

3. Gusto

Another one FTP client for iPads. It allow you to manage with multiple projects, have built-in editor and in last update was added SFTP support.

4. Analytics HD

In case if you have own projects – this application will open access to your Google Analytics.
Analytics HD

5. Source Viewer XL

This app will help you to view sources (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) of any website. This also have syntax highlight and other functional (collecting all links in list, all images – in another list, save bookmarks etc).
Source Viewer XL

6. iSSH – SSH / VNC Console

This is full SSH and Telnet terminal (Comprehensive VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminal emulator over SSH and telnet, integrated with a tunneled X server and VNC client.)
iSSH - SSH / VNC Console

7. Markup for iPad

This is good source editor for iPads, you can edit sources, and check result in built-in browser. All pretty comfortable.
Markup for iPad

8. iMockups for iPad

This is the premiere mobile wireframing and mockup app for your web, iPhone and iPad projects.
iMockups for iPad

9. OmniGraffle

With OmniGraffle – your iPad becoming your canvas. With your touch screen you can draw shapes, drag in objects, and style everything until it’s just right. This tool will help you to organize your thoughts visually, document them beautifully, and communicate them to the world.

10. jQuery Reference

If you oftenly working with web, I quite sure that you faced with jQuery too. So, I suggest you to have set of necessary references which you can read even in offline. This can be next books: PHP, HTML 4 & 5: The Complete Reference and MySQL Pro Quick Guide. I tried to collect more full references.
jQuery Reference


Hope that our review of useful applications for every developer who going to write something for iPad was very interesting. Good luck!



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