10 Fresh and Popular jQuery plugins

10 Fresh and Popular jQuery plugins

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10 Fresh Popular jQuery plugins

This is fresh collection of new jQuery plugins. 10 great solutions: for text effects, for localization, for forms, for maps, etc. This is collection of recently added plugins which can be interesting. Download, customize and use its in your projects.

1. Lingua Localization

This plugin allows you to have quick and easy switcher of website interface. Ajaxy loads an array of key / value pairs when switching languages. Online demo available here
Lingua Localization plugin

2. eComboBox

This plugin to allow us to have editable comboboxes (Select element). It allow to add/edit/remove elements from list. Online demo available here
eComboBox plugin

3. Badger

Easy way to add nice looking badges (with iOS style) to any your elements. It not require any images to work. Online demo available here
Badger plugin

4. Formly – the form glamorizer

This is easy way to add cool looking of any your forms. Also it possible to add validation (from user side) to your forms too. Online demo available at same page.
Formly plugin

5. Tagedit

If you gonna change your old tags field to new one – this is for you. This plugin will allow to add/edit/delete list of tags (or keywords). Online demo available at same page.
Tagedit plugin

6. DataTables Column Filter

This plugin add filtering boxes to footer of page, also have innser pagination and sorting by columns. Online demo available at same page.
DataTables Column Filter

7. Neon effect

This plugin apply neon effect to already existed text using CSS3. At current moment here are 3 modes: basic, custom and auto. Online demo available here
Neon effect plugin

8. jQuery Multipage Form

This plugin will on-fly convery your forms to multipage forms. Nice and fast plugin. Online demo available here
jQuery Multipage Form

9. MapIt-Lite

That plugin designed to make navigation more easy (using google maps api). Online demo available here
MapIt-Lite plugin

10. CoverScroll

This plugin is CSS3 variant of the Apple’s CoverFlow design pattern. Online demo available at same page.
CoverScroll plugin


Hope that our review of fresh jquery plugins was pretty interesting. Good luck!



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