10 Fresh iPhone Apps for Web Designers & Developers

10 Fresh iPhone Apps for Web Designers & Developers

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Ten Fresh iPhone Apps for Web Designers & Developers

10 Fresh iPhone Apps for Web Designers & Developers

iPhone is great gadget with wonderful form, design and functionality. This is useful and for web designers and for developers. You will happy to know that Apple have public store with tonns of applications for iPhones, iPods and iPads.
Today I selected 10 new interesting applications for you by own hands. You will be satisfied at what iPhone is able to do.

I separated all applications by categories for better navigation


1. cliqcliq Colors

Application include the home page, My Colors, palette editor, photo color extractor, and detail pages. Rich app for work with colors.
cliqcliq Colors

2. Color Expert

Color Expert having powerful tools to help designers identify, translate, capture and showcase colors.
Color Expert


3. WhatTheFont

Allow you to analyze text at any image and identify original font.

Manuals & References

4. Python Cheat Sheet

Here are documentation for Python developers. Plue, here are another documentation too.
Python Cheat Sheet

5. The Ruby Programming Language

Here are documentation for Ruby developers (Published by O’Reilly Media).
The Ruby Programming Language

Development process

6. ServersMan

ServersMan is technology that can turn any iPhone connected to the internet into a server, allowing you to access and control the information saved on that device.

7. iSSH – SSH / VNC Console

This is full featured SSH & Telnet emulator integrated with a tunneled VNC client, RDP client and an X server
iSSH - SSH / VNC Console

8. pTerm

Another one SSH client: pTerm provides an SSH, Telnet, and raw TCP client for your iPhone or iPod Touch! It is based on the popular desktop client ‘PuTTY’.


9. My Database Manager

That application is database manager (SQL).
My Database Manager

10. SQLite Database Console

This application provides full access to a SQLite database directly at your iPhone. Create tables, insert data and run queries – all this possible.
SQLite Database Console


I hope that you have discovered a few new applications for you. Welcome back to our website.



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