10 Fresh iPad Apps for Web Designers & Developers

10 Fresh iPad Apps for Web Designers & Developers

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Ten Fresh iPad Apps for Web Designers & Developers

10 Fresh iPad Apps for Web Designers & Developers

iPad is new modern gadget from Apple inc. iPad primarily made as a platform for audio-visual media including books, music, movies, games, and web content. And in same time – this is interesting device and for web designers and for developers too. Today I selected 10 fresh interesting apps for you by own hands. You will be satisfied at what iPad is able to do.

For better navigation – all applications are divided into categories.

Color and Fonts

1. Fonts And Colors Reference

This application will useful for designers. You can check diferents types of fonts are the most used and also get RGB values of any color.
Fonts And Colors Reference

2. Font Maker

This application lets you create own fonts. After creating of font – you will able to write any text using your font and after send this text to email, sms, and other custom applications.
Font Maker

3. Color Designer and Analyzer

Automatic color analysis and precision color design! Select any picture (or create new one) and this app will automatically analyze and display a digital representation of the picture’s average color.
Color Designer and Analyzer

Manuals & References

4. XcodeBinds

XcodeBinds is Reference of Xcode’s Key Binds

5. SDK Tutorials Advanced

Including many lessons, information, nice and clean interface. This book – for you!
SDK Tutorials Advanced

Development process

6. Interface HD

With Interface HD, you can create mockup screen for your iPad app using real iPhone(iPad) OS native controls, adjust and fine tune the mockup screen, and then try it live by exporting to Xcode. Interface HD is also useful for mocking up iPhone apps, you can design your iPhone app right within the iPad’s large screen.
Interface HD

7. iMockups

iMockups for iPad is the PREMIERE mobile wireframing and mockup app for your web, iPhone and iPad projects.

8. for i: Code Editor

Take your programming and design projects with you on the road, and get that killer app done in no time! Beautiful syntax highlighting for many languages, including C, c#, Objective C, Java, HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, SQL (*) and more.
for i: Code Editor

9. Markup for iPad

Markup for iPad lets you connect to your websites and edit the text files within them.
Markup for iPad

10. Code Manual: Mobile Development Essentials

An absolute ‘must have’ for anyone developing apps for iOS devices using CocoaTouch, Code Manual is an extremely useful collection with more than 50 pages of code that will help you develop those applications easier and faster! For example, Code Manual has a tool to help you select colors for your projects. You can simply choose one of the more than 30 colors we have predefined or easily create your colors by combining the red/green/blue components with this handy tool.
Code Manual: Mobile Development Essentials


I hope that you have discovered several great applications for your iPad. Welcome back.



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