10 Essential Android Applications For Developers

10 Essential Android Applications For Developers

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Ten Useful Android Applications For Developers

10 Useful Android Applications For Developers

Today I decide to prepare another good collection of useful applications, but today – for Android developers. Here are ten most important applications which you can (even should) use for Android development.

1. Remote Desktop Client

This application enables you to connect to your Windows computers across the Internet from your android-based mobile phone.
Remote Desktop Client

2. AndFTP

This is FTP/SFTP (and others) client which enable you to connect to your projects and perform various actions with files and folders.

3. mAnalytics

This application will allow you to view your google analytics stats of your projects.

4. touchqode

Allow you to view and edit source codes at your mobile. Have editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete and other features. Integrated with FTP/SFTP.

5. Android Web Editor Lite

This software similar as previous, this is code editor with many features (code highlighting, ftp, built-in browser, encoding etc). Here are paid PRO version.
Android Web Editor

6. ConnectBot

This is open source SSH client, you can manage with multiple ssh sessions, create secure tunnels.

7. Phoenix MySql Client

Providing direct connection with mysql server, where you will able to execute SQL queries. Here are another MySQL client for androids, but paid.
Phoenix MySql Client

8. Magic Color Picker

Powerful color picker selection tool. Support different modes.
Magic Color Picker

9. jQuery Mobile docs

This application captures for offline use the latest version of the jQuery Mobile documentation from http://jquerymobile.com.
jQuery Mobile docs

10. W3C Cheatsheet

This app provide quick access to all information from specifications (including HTML5) published by W3C.
W3C Cheatsheet


Hope that our review of useful applications for every developer who going to write something for Android was very interesting. Good luck!



  1. WOW, some Great stuff, here! A lot of apps that I don’t have and could definitely find useful. Thank you for the list!

  2. touchqode <- Always dreamed about Visual Studio running on 4×3 cm screen wide :) :)
    Seems that all those application is proof-of-concept of some technologies that Android can run (SSH, Json, Ajax…. )

  3. File Expert is a file manager application that does FTP and Samba. Much better than AndFTP in my opinion.

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