10 Creative Website Designs

10 Creative Website Designs

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10 Creative Website Designs

Sorry for that 10 days period without fresh articles. I have been abroad for all this time. Had to solve some things. But, since today, we continue our tutorials. Today I would like to introduce you with new collection of websites with impressive design. I think that it should give you some new ideas for you and your projects.

1. Beercamp 2012

Beercamp 2012

2. Nature Valley Trail View

Nature Valley Trail View

3. Glamour.biz – design and branding

Glamour.biz - design and branding

4. Home – NOSSA

Home - NOSSA

5. Torpedo – Un film de Matthieu Donck

Torpedo - Un film de Matthieu Donck

6. Lux Ahoy – HTML5 Game

Lux Ahoy - HTML5 Game

7. Putzengel – Reinigung Wien, Transport, Handwerker


8. myownbike


9. Cheese Please

Cheese Please

10. Ghost Horses

Ghost Horses


Hope that our new collection of new contact form designs has been interesting to you. Good luck!



  1. Excellent collection.
    Gotta love BeerCamp!
    Are there any tutorials or howtos/guidelines as to how they
    did this?

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