10 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

10 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

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10 Best PHP Frameworks of 2015

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is reflected upon as one of the most demanded web programming language that is nowadays utilized by most of the websites. PHP is hugely in trend due to its remarkable HTML, interactive features, database integration support, and simple in learning too. As per W3Techs survey, almost 82% of web servers have been using PHP. It also includes few vast structures for building your growth extremely quick, hugely fruitful, and thus safeguards you from low intensity error. Your website will be well protected by PHP from few attacks such as XSS attacks, SQL injection, etc.

We’ve referred here some of the 10 best PHP frameworks of 2015 which have been used extensively across the world and they are free to use also.

  1. Symfony

Symfony is known as a strong, adaptable and scaled PHP framework for the use of MVC application. Few reusable PHP modules are available in plenty which can be utilized effectively such as Translation, Security, Validator, Templating, Form Config, etc. The target of Symfony is to produce your web application design and its preservation quicker along with fewer recurred coding. Symfony can also modularize along with Composer.

  1. CodeIgniter

It is considered as EllisLab’s free PHP framework that involves an exceptional documentation along with a big user community. It has ample number of CodeIgniter such as zero installation, simple error handling, no PHP version difference, simple security, well established libraries, encryption steps, and helper. You would really like to use this CodeIgniter for your project.

  1. Zend Framework

This PHP framework is accessible in Version 2 with many new features and developments. It is scaled and completely featured PHP framework that is object-acquainted. Zend Framework includes online training as well as certification which is utilized by multiple enterprise consistency. As it has its own object-oriented programming as well as design pattern uniformity, you can expand the custom classes effortless and apply it whenever you require.

  1. Slim

Influenced by Sinatra, a Ruby framework, Slim is actually a frivolous micro-framework for PHP which has a minute size, sans the excess learning curve. Slim is developed with unbelievable routing system and also concentrates on the RESTful API along with all the HTTP ways [POST, GET, DELETE, and PUT] maintenance. While using Slim, you require a PHP version of 5.2+ as a minimum.

  1. Phalcon

Phalcon framework which is inspired with quickest living bird of Falcon; provides the same capability that is speed. As per Systems Architech and Phalcon crew test, when scaled with other distinct trendy frameworks, Phalcon offers the quickest time request and also last memory use. It occurs for the reason that it was written entirely for presentation optimization function along with C/C++.

  1. CakePHP

CakePHP framework can give full support to the Version 4 and above. You can easily learn this language with quick and adaptable templating. It includes an incorporated CRUD [create, read, update and delete] that is quite a helpful feature for database interaction purpose. It even involves various ranges of integral features for session, security, cookie, email, and request handling.

  1. YiiFramework

It is easy to install this PHP framework which is hugely extended, thus allowing you to be suitable whatever you require. Various tools are available that can easily assist you in adjusting with your web application for excellent performance. YiiFramework has developed incorporation with huge PHP testing framework, CodeCeption for analyzing your app quickly and in a simple method.

  1. Kohana

This PHP framework approaches with Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) architectural design. Kohana that was established with PHP OOP keeping in mind will give you few benefits for having abstracts, automatic class loading, visibility protection, singletons, and overloading. If you want, you can also use POST, GET, SESSION, and COOKIE techniques, and for applying them, you need to have at least PHP Version 5.

  1. Laravel

Web developers of today consider Laravel as the best modern PHP framework. Laravel’s latest version approaches as personalized Composer packages. The features of Laravel include migrations support, simple verification, fine routing, Blade templating engine, etc.

  1. PHP Mini

Being a light weight PHP framework, PHP Mini is appropriate for mini project and swift prototype. It is simple to understand and has spotless code. Here the CRUD demo action is involved for simple entries of database. As codes are nicely written in PHP, you do not require learning the extra framework.

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