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How to Create Animated Photo Gallery using jQuery (Slider Kit)

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Date: 11th May 2011 Author: admin Categories: jQuery, PHP 14

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Slider Kit photo gallery

How to create photo gallery using Slider Kit (jQuery)

Today we will continue overviews of available photo galleries. Next gallery will Slider Kit. This is free jQuery photo gallery. This gallery have 4 different views (standard, with captions, vertical and minimalistic). Important notes – that it compatible with all browsers (this can work even in IE6) and have very light weight (packed version of library less 8kb). You can navigate through images using your mouse, mouse wheel, and even keyboard. The result – we will have a beautiful gallery with an intuitive interface. Today I will tell you about how to implement this gallery (you even will able to use this in any CMS as gallery of your member’s photos).

By default this gallery expect already prepared html data (with all images and thumbs). So it can be difficult to load dinamic content in it (different photos of different members). But its ok, we will force loading of necessary images when page finish loading using jQuery (we will load our images dinamically, using $.get function). We will use PHP to generate lists of necessary images and thumbs.
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