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WebGL With Three.js - Lesson 3
WebGL With Three.js - Lesson 3

WebGL With Three.js – Lesson 3

Most programmers who are just starting to comprehend the basics of working with 3D (in webgl), usually have difficulties in understanding three-dimensional space. Because we have one extra dimension (volume) compared with what you are used to. Also you may have difficulty in understanding how the different light works, or even how axis are located in space. Today I will help you to deal with these issues. Three.js has all the necessary means to for this – Helpers. In today’s examples, I have prepared you for working demonstration of all existing helpers: ArrowHelper, AxisHelper, BoundingBoxHelper, CameraHelper, DirectionalLightHelper, GridHelper, HemisphereLightHelper, PointLightHelper, SpotLightHelper. All of them will help you understand the insides of WebGL.


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