Responsive web design – futuristic technology?

Responsive web design – futuristic technology?

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Responsive web design - futuristic technology

Well, when anything changes we must acclimatize to that change, and this can sometimes hit your pocket hard. Why don’t these developers develop a fortified solution to this problem? Well yes! They have certainly developed one.

Everyone was after mobile apps at a point and after some point came the craze of tablets. So now everyone was like making apps for a tablet will help you grow. In this swift technical world, you need to realize that the development has become ephemeral. Thus, we need technology to reckon with. For those business owners who do not have a lofty budget to spend on IT can not afford it. Which implies that they won’t be able to grow. Well, this is not the case with responsive web development as it renders the development that grows.

One cannot deny the fact that users will adopt new technologies, and this is the reason developers must pull their socks all the time to cater their users the latest technology that matches with the current technological standards.

One Step ahead!

Personal computer, laptops, smartphones, tablets, phablets, wearables and you cannot guess what’s coming.

As the technology is advancing, we are making it easier for the users to stay connected and access information. Earlier you need to fire up you computer or laptop to come online, but now you are online every second with your smartphone or any other hand held a device. This is the reason consumption of web has suddenly increased, and this has made users online 24*7. Thus, as a business owner it a great opportunity for you to reach out your users. Plus, create such an environment to make the users comfortable and deliver services that can make their life comfortable.

As a web designer, it is incumbent on us to deliver the best user experience and convenience through our websites. For the convenience of the users, you need to render a smoother user experience in whichever device they are accessing the website. For this, you need to design the screens clearly for portraying information on different screen size and orientations.

Though earlier people went for designing different versions of a website for every device and that was certainly a feasible solution but was not a plausible one. This is the case where the users end up downloading extra design and code, and this ends up in delivering a poor user experience to the users.
However, with responsive web design you do not have to design a mobile version of your website and allows the developers to maintain and manage only a single version. Responsive web design is one sure shot way to solve the fuss of catering your website to different users who have devices.

Though apparently it seems that we are making adjustments as per technology, if we look deeper, we are helping our customers to sway through the websites easily. This adjustment is something very good as per the needs of the customers.

Effect on Mobile apps

Well, mobile apps are growing a lot but its my apprehension that they do not have a very long lasting future as now we have voice command software such as Siri and Ok Google that will perform all your task such as ordering online food or booking your cab. All you need to do is just to command them, and they will do the needful. Speaking of users, they will help you to save the time of the users as they can carry on with the daily chores and can simultaneously order stuff for them selves. Plus users now do not have to waste time and their data card to install apps.

These voice command software will bring a rise to progressive apps. Moreover, it does not states that we are going to completely loose mobile apps as gaming apps , utility apps, and others still will be there and widely used.

Effect on Search engine ranking

Responsive web design is in demand so much so that the if you do not own a responsive web design then you might get to lose your search engine ranking. As Google has launched its algorithm called a ‘Mobile addon’ that test the mobile friendly status of websites. This means that the responsive web design has become one crucial factor in the search engine ranking of the websites.

Testing is not quite a task

To test and validate your Responsive web design, you can make use of numerous validators such as a mobile emulator or mobile site as well as use testing tools such as Adobe Edge Inspect.
Further, you there are Firefox browser and the Chrome console that offer viewport resizing tools for responsive design.

Nothing is perfect!

As per Luke Wroblewski, RESS acronym for responsive web design with server-side components renders a better user experience than RWD. However, RESS is an expensive as it do not just requires client side logic wherefore can be afforded by organizations that have a big budget.
Google prefers responsive web design for websites that run on smartphones than any other approaches.

One of the major challenge while designing responsive web design is that the advertisements and videos that are already developed do not comply with the fluid standards. However, search advertising and banner display.


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