Title Album Author AlbumAuthor Track Year Lenght Lyric Disc Genre
Pallar Anders Colony In Flames 6 1999 1 Metal
Timeless Subterranean In Flames 04 1995 Metal
%The jesters dance The Jester Race In Flames 2 1996 3 Metal
J.B.G. ourmandises Alizee 2 2000 france
Welcome Americana The Offspring 1 2000 Other
Intro Conspiracy Of One Offspring str1 7 2000 Rock
Last Words aredamonaeon !Cradle of filth 16 1998 Metal

Extra info

Title Encoded Copyright Publisher OriginalArtist URL Comments Composer
Pallar Anders rdisc
Timeless rcollection
%The jesters dance
J.B.G. rus
Welcome offspring
Intro tr6 str5 str3 str4 Offspring str2
Last Words http://x-musics.com Wcustom

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