voice-stress property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

Indicates the strength of emphasis to be applied. Emphasis is indicated using a combination of pitch change, timing changes, loudness and other acoustic differences) that varies from one language to the next.

Name: voice-stress
Value: normal | strong | moderate | none | reduced
Initial: normal
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: yes
Percentages: N/A
Media: speech
Computed value: specified value


voice-stress: normal | strong | moderate | none | reduced;



Represents the default emphasis produced by the speech synthesizer.


Prevents the synthesizer from emphasizing text it would normally emphasize.

moderate and strong

These values are monotonically non-decreasing in strength. Their application results in more emphasis than what the speech synthesizer would normally produce (i.e. more than the value corresponding to 'normal').


Effectively the opposite of emphasizing a word.


.default-emphasis { voice-stress: normal; }
.lowered-emphasis { voice-stress: reduced; }
.removed-emphasis { voice-stress: none; }
.normal-emphasis { voice-stress: moderate; }
.huge-emphasis { voice-stress: strong; }

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