voice-duration property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The 'voice-duration' property specifies how long it should take to render the selected element's content (not including audio cues, pauses and rests ). Unless the value 'auto' is specified, this property takes precedence over the 'voice-rate' property, and should be used to determine a suitable speaking rate for the voice. An element for which the 'voice-duration' property value is not 'auto' may have descendants for which the 'voice-duration' and 'voice-rate' properties are specified, but these must be ignored. In other words, when a 'time' is specified for the 'voice-duration' of a selected element, it applies to the entire element subtree (children cannot override the property).

Name: voice-duration
Value: auto | <time>
Initial: auto
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: no
Percentages: N/A
Media: speech
Computed value: specified value


voice-duration: auto | <time> ;



Resolves to a used value corresponding to the duration of the speech synthesis when using the inherited 'voice-rate'.


Specifies a value in absolute time units (seconds and milliseconds, e.g. "+3s", "250ms"). Only non-negative values are allowed.


.class {
    voice-duration: 15s;

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