rest-before property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The 'rest-before' and 'rest-after' properties specify a prosodic boundary (silence with a specific duration) that occurs before (or after) the speech synthesis rendition of an element within the aural box model.

Name: rest-before
Value: <time> | none | x-weak | weak | medium | strong | x-strong
Initial: none
Applies to: all elements
Inherited: no
Percentages: N/A
Media: speech
Computed value: specified value


rest-before : <time> | none | x-weak | weak | medium | strong | x-strong;



Expresses the rest in absolute time units (seconds and milliseconds, e.g. "+3s", "250ms"). Only non-negative values are allowed.


Equivalent to 0ms (no prosodic break is produced by the speech processor).

x-weak, weak, medium, strong, and x-strong

Expresses the rest by the strength of the prosodic break in speech output. The exact time is implementation-dependent. The values indicate monotonically non-decreasing (conceptually increasing) break strength between elements.


.class {
    rest-before: weak ;

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