repeat-index property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The ::repeat-index pseudo-element represents the current item of a repeating sequence. It takes the place of the ::repeat-item as a parent of all the elements in the index repeating item.

Note. Any style declarations that an author wants to apply to all repeat items, including the index, must be done so by using both ::repeat-item and ::repeat-index selectors. Styles that are only applied to ::repeat-item will not automatically be applied to the respective ::repeat-index.


element:repeat-index { style properties }


<html:table xforms:repeat-nodeset="...">
      <html:td><xforms:input ref="..."/><xforms:input ref="..."/></html:td>
html|tr::repeat-item { outline: medium solid; color:gray }
html|tr::repeat-index { outline: medium dashed; color:black }

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