drop-initial-before-align property CSS Reference

Definition and Usage

The 'drop-initial-before-align' property determines which alignment line within the initial line box is used at the secondary connection point with the initial letter box. This property is only effective if the value of the 'drop-initial-size' property is 'auto'.

Name: drop-initial-before-align
Value: caps-height | <'alignment-baseline'>
Initial: caps-height
Applies to: ::first-letter pseudo element
Inherited: no
Percentages: N/A
Media: visual
Computed value: specified values (except for initial and inherit)


drop-initial-before-align: caps-height | <'alignment-baseline'> ;


The caps-height alignment line is used.
The values are the same as the 'alignment-baseline' property values.


.class {
    drop-initial-before-align: central ;

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